Be: Bears Could Be Headed Back To London

Since the NFL started playing regular-season games in London in 2007, it has never scheduled teams from the same division to face one another at Wembley. The NFL plans to announce opponents for the 2013 games in London sometime during this season. The Bears last played in London on Oct. 23, 2011, and defeated Tampa Bay 24-18. Heres hoping the NFL picks the Bears to head back to London. We all know how well Bears fans travel, and the last time the team made the trip, there certainly was no shortage of supporters in the stands at Wembley and walking the streets of London during the week leading up to the game. Besides that, for colleague Jeff Dickerson and I, the trip was an absolute blast. On the night before the game, I attended a “tweetup” with several local NFL fans (I even met a Jaguars fan) who knew tons about the game and love it just as much as we do. On the day of the game, I met a Bears fan who had hopped a train from Edinburgh, Scotland, for the six-hour ride to London to watch the game. A Bears fan for more than 20 years, he actually named his daughter Devin after kick returner Devin Hester. I wrote about him while trying to set the scene for what turned out to be an exciting day. His story was just one in seemingly dozens of interesting ones that Id definitely like to experience again. Lets get into some links.

London black taxis turn white for Australia

“They’re white, which is probably better in a hot climate, but they are also specifically hot-climate vehicles. They have different ventilation to make sure they don’t overheat,” a spokeswoman for The London Taxi Company told AFP. The taxis sent to Perth are ex-demonstration models. In a publicly-funded package, the city’s cabbies will have their normal weekly licence fee waived for the first four years of running them — meaning they will recoup almost the full vehicle cost — if they take up the TX4. A white London taxi is seen driving along street in the British capital on May 24, 2013 (AFP Photo/O “The response has been phenomenal,” said Evan Simeon, who heads the company’s operations in Australia. “One Perth operator who purchased a fleet of 50 bright white, used TX4s has already had a stampede of drivers who want to be the first ones to buy a cab and partake in the trial. “What has been especially gratifying are the offers from expat London taxi drivers who not only want to buy one, but have also offered their services to train our Australian drivers on everything from the service to vehicle operation.” The manufacturer was rescued from administration earlier this year by Chinese automaker Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. The company has two factories: one at Coventry in central England for the domestic British market, and one in Shanghai for worldwide sales. The Perth cabs were shipped from the Chinese commercial hub. A white London taxi is seen driving along street in the British capital on May 24, 2013 (AFP Photo/O He said a new, intensive driver training course would be implemented in Perth, similar to “The Knowledge” — the methods London cab drivers use to remember every street in the city and work out routes between them. “It is integral to the entire proposition — a TX4 is nothing without a professional driver behind the wheel,” said Matthew Cheyne, international sales director for The London Taxi Company. The firm claims their vehicles are the only cars in the world designed specifically for use as cabs. They have a 25-foot (7.6-metre) turning circle and retain much of their original 1948 design.