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Delcam Electrode had also benefited from a number of new options introduced into Delcam s PowerSHAPE design software, which provides the CAD element of the overall solution, and from recent developments in the PowerMILL CAM system for high-speed and five-axis machining. Full details are available on the website www.delcam-electrode.com. Burn-vector or side-sparking electrodes are used to spark undercuts within moulds, including those needed for submarine gates, or to avoid any possibility of a collision when sparking the base of a deep rib or similar feature. They use an arbitrary axis for their operation, rather than being aligned with the principal axes. Delcam Electrode now allows these electrodes to be designed and used with the same quick and easy wizard-based process available for conventional electrodes. The electrode action can be simulated in the software and the final design passed to PowerMILL for machining in the same way as standard electrodes. Electrode frames are used to provide the basis for machining and inspection datums. Delcam Electrode now allows these areas to be modelled and then coloured separately from the electrode blank. This makes it easy for them to be identified in PowerMILL for automated manufacture using a specific template. The burn region, extension faces and clearance faces were already able to be displayed and machined with separate colours in this way. The ability to automate programming within PowerMILL as part of the electrode solution does save considerable time for the user.

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The Alliance for Affordable Internet, founded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee s World Wide Web Foundation, will work with governments across Africa and Asia to take on unnecessary regulation and anti-competitive policies. In many countries taxes on IT, powerful state telecoms monopolies and other regressive policies are helping to push up prices. In less developed countries a basic fixed line broadband connection costs around a third of monthly income, compared to around 2% in the developed world. The UN has set a target of entry-level broadband services priced at less than 5% of average monthly income. Approximately two-thirds of the world s people remain unconnected to the Internet, entrenching a digital divide that severely hampers economic progress. Internet access is becoming increasingly important in the world s poorest countries as a tool to set up businesses and drive improvements in healthcare and education. Justine Greening said: Over the last twenty years the Web has changed our own society so much that everyday life seems unimaginable without it. Internet access has been a driver of economic growth. It puts power in the hands of people and opens up societies. Yet for millions of people across the world high prices still put it out of reach. This new alliance will challenge the anti-competitive regulations and policies that push up prices across the developing world, helping to bring universal Internet access to the world s poorest people.

United Kingdom : Britain to join tech giants to drive down Internet prices in developing countries [TendersInfo (India)]

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8, 2013 at 7:27 AM LONDON, Oct. 8 (UPI) — The OPEC secretary general said London and Edinburgh may be better off staying together as part of an integrated United Kingdom. Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond announced plans for a referendum on independence in 2014. His government maintains it could support itself financially in large part though oil and natural gas developments in the North Sea. Abdalla el-Badri , secretary-general of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, said in an interview published Monday by The Daily Telegraph most of the reserves in the North Sea are depleted. The Scottish government, however, estimates there are more than 20 billion barrels of recoverable reserves left in the North Sea. Salmond released a paper in May saying the Scottish energy industry contributed about $39.5 billion to the gross domestic product in 2011. The British government challenges the claims. An audit last year by the Institute of Fiscal Studies in London said “an independent Scotland would face a bigger fiscal adjustment than the rest of the U.K.” Badri said both governments benefit from unity, adding the referendum has little to do with OPEC itself. “Myself, I don’t see how England will stay without Scotland and Scotland stay without England,” he said. “This is how we all grew up, with the U.K., not with Scotland and England.”

United Kingdom : Biotech acquisition with funding from RBS

The Nottingham -based firm raised new equity from shareholders and agreed a 9.4m funding package with RBS CIB to assist with the acquisition. Source BioScience operates two divisions. Its LifeSciences unit provides DNA sequencing, bioinformatic analysis and a comprehensive portfolio of over 20 million clones and 200,000 antibodies to research institutions and biotech companies worldwide. The Healthcare division provides screening and reference laboratory diagnostic testing for cancer and other diseases to the NHS. It also a leading player in the development and validation of biomarkers for use as companion diagnostics or as pharmacodynamic endpoints for clinical and research studies. Rochdale -based Vindon provides controlled environment services and products for the pharmaceutical industry, life sciences and food sectors. The business manufactures solutions for the management of temperature, humidity and light, and its product range includes controlled environment rooms and storage chambers, blood bank storage units and plant growth chambers. Source BioScience s acquisition will grow its product range and improve the service offering, and the company plans to expand internationally, particularly into the United States , said: The potential combination of Source BioScience and Vindon brings a multitude of benefits to both companies; from extended geographic reach and in-house expertise, to a broader offering of products and services for our customers. As an enlarged group, there will be financial benefits and the opportunity to accelerate our growth. The support of our relationship bank RBS in developing the funding package for us was crucial to getting the deal done. CIB provides a fully integrated corporate banking proposition to UK companies and institutions with an annual turnover in excess of 25m.