The Hollywood Hairdo Every Woman Over 40 Must Try. Just One Problem – Your Children Will Hate It

Your guide to the porn-y fall movie season: Has Hollywood gone too far?

We don’t know where the ladies of “American Horror Story’s” coven will rank just yet, but here’s a look at our other favorite witches. Veronica Lake didn’t need any magic to cast a spell on the audience; she did that naturally. But in 1942’s “I Married A Witch,” the iconic screen siren plays a 17th-century witch who, after being burned at the stake, is brought back to life in the 20th century and falls for the politically inclined descendant (Fredric March) of her puritanical Salem prosecutor. Who better than Lake to show how fun being bad can be? When it comes to witches, our prototype is the Wicked Witch of the West — wonderfully redeemed in “Wicked” — but one’s claim to evil can’t be properly held without a goodie-two-shoes like Glinda the Good Witch around. Besides, Glinda showed in 1939’s “Wizard of Oz” that magic can have a sweet, courageous side, too. The Evil Queen in “Snow White ” is the original animated Disney villain, appearing in Walt Disney’s first animated film, 1937’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” Trying to claim the title of “fairest of them all,” the queen had to use dark magic to turn herself into a witch so she could trick the (let’s face it, pretty gullible) princess. For their second film together, “Vertigo” stars Kim Novak and Jimmy Stewart went supernatural with 1958’s “Bell, Book and Candle.” Novak was the one with tricks up her sleeve in this romantic comedy, as her character, Gillian, casts a spell on Stewart’s Shep Henderson, causing him to leave his fiancee and fall for her. Jack Lemmon and Ernie Kovacs also star. In a cackling contest, Witch Hazel would have everyone beat . The animated witch was often Bugs Bunny’s foe, but given her jovial attitude and infectious giggle, you can’t help but love her. Sixties sitcom “Bewitched” lasted long enough to introduce us to three generations of fabulous witches: supernatural housewife Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery, left), her sly mother, Endora (Agnes Moorehead), and the littlest witch in the Stephens family, Tabitha (Erin Murphy). The hijinks on “Bewitched” are classic, and we still actively wish we could pull off tricks with just a wiggle of the nose. We didn’t dig Wilhelmina Witchiepoo’s incessant attempts to steal away Jimmy’s talking flute, Freddy, but we did think the “H.R.

My hair, he told me, is twice as thick as and much curlier than the Hollywood star’s, so he pared it right down to get it to lie as flat and look a little choppy like hers. And as my fringe was shorter than Cameron’s, he created a kind of sweep-over, taking a chunk of hair from the right side of my head and training it to fall over to the right. ‘Cameron will have a team of people whose job it is to make sure she always looks her best in public,’ said Marcio. ‘But with the right cut and blow-dry, women like you can achieve this look.’ Not all happy: Helen’s three children preferred her old hair style So what was the verdict? If I’m honest, when I looked in the mirror after my blow-dry I got a shock. My hair has never been so short – or indeed dark, although, of course, it’s still blonde. I felt immediately lighter, and more carefree, having shed several inches from the length, and a considerable amount more from the width of my hair. And, conscious that I’m wary of change, I decided to give it a day or two before deciding how much I liked the new me. But I wasn’t bargaining on the reaction from my children – Daniel, 11, Isobel, nine, and Christian, five – when I arrived home. All three were visibly perturbed by my new appearance, insisting that I no longer look like their mother. ‘We look as though we’re out with a young childminder, not our mum!’ Isobel, with her knack for getting to the nub of things, spoke for them all when she said: ‘You look like the sort of woman who’s too busy fussing with her hair to look after her children properly.’ Sobbing at bedtime and insisting I could be an impostor pretending to be her mum, she begged me to go back to the salon and return to my old cut and colour, then left a note on my pillow saying: ‘I want Mummy back!’ The boys were equally unsettled, if a little less vocal about it. I’m sure Isobel thought she was just being reassuring when she called to them: ‘Come and sniff her, she still smells the same. It must be Mummy.’ My husband said I looked lovely and was amused by our children’s reaction. Highly observant, he said he would never have known I’d had a tint if I hadn’t mentioned it.

Too many people in our society have become desensitized. Some of the films make this years controversial Spring Breakers appear tame. So where to even start? Daniel Radcliffe has shed his Harry Potter persona for the upcoming Kill Your Darlings with an exploration of homosexuality, masturbation and picking up older men in bar, and Blue is the Warmest Color continues to stir controversy in the U.S. as it is released in more and more film festivals. The French lesbian movie, which won the Cannes Film Festival, is being hailed for its artistic elements and passionate love story, but has been slapped with a NC-17 rating and includes a very graphic, lengthy sex scene. Technically in America, the relationship would be considered statutory rape. But according to human behavior expert Patrick Wanis, sexually explicit content is everywhere and it is simply a logical progression that the business of Hollywood would cash in by taking the cultural movement to the next level. The cultural shift is not only about sex, it is about a general degradation of values, he said. Pornography and sexualization of girls are everywhere in books, music, advertising and television. Porn has become completely mainstream on computers and phones and now we have girls as young as 12 dressing up in really short skirts, stilettos and makeup. As far as films this season go, theres also Concussion, which offers a character who transforms from a lesbian housewife to a hooker via a concussion; Joseph Gordon-Levitts recently released directorial debut Don Jon, which explores whether porn or romantic movies do more damage and James Francos Child of God, which follows a Southerner through his crazy necrophilia endeavors. Franco also stars in the upcoming Palo Alto playing a soccer coach who seduces a student, and then there is Afternoon Delight, a film about married couples in strip clubs. We also had Adore which featured two childhood best friends sleeping with each others sons, and Thanks For Sharing also added to the sex-saturated fall lineup with a tale about sex addiction.